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I have made some pretty big "money" mistakes over the years. I thought I could fix them by just making more money. Boy, was I wrong. What I needed to learn was about money and how the financial world really worked.

I had a couple of choices, I could hire someone to do it for me (but how would I know they were doing the right thing?) or I could learn how to make and manage money.

I decided to learn about money on my own and it has changed my and my family's life.  The finance world wants to make it sound difficult to keep making money off of you. If you had a trusted source who would give you straightforward advice, think of how much money you could save. You can learn from my mistakes!

If you want to learn:

  • how to pay off debt (yes, including those student loans)

  • what insurance do you need to protect yourself and your wealth

  • how to invest ( what do the terms mean, how to diversify, how to understand and minimize fees)

  • how to plan to retirement

  • how to build generational wealth and leave assets for future generations


THEN this course is for you.


This information is available on the internet but is not organized purposely. I have spent thousands of hours and a decade learning what I want to teach you.

Why? Because I made massive financial mistakes doesn't mean you have to.

Have you already:

  • googled strategies for getting out of debt?

  • read multiple blogs of people who have paid off debt wishing you could too?

  • said, "I make too much money to be this broke" ?

  • hired or fired a financial advisor?

  • realized that no one cares more about YOUR money then YOU?

Then welcome. You are in the right place.


What does the course cover?


















14-Day Money Back Guarantee

Not sure you want it?

Not sure if you can manage your own money?

Well, don't worry. I have created a 14-Day money back guarantee.  If you haven't made any progress in your financial freedom journey in the first 2 weeks of the course, just email me your work and I will send you a full refund. It's just that simple. If you do the work, you will get results.

Still have questions?

Ready for financial Freedom?

Dr. Jenn MD


 As a Reconstructive Urologist, Dr. Jennifer Miles-Thomas, MD FPMRS ( a.k.a. Dr. Jenn MD) is a Board certified Urologist, who is also an internationally recognized author, speaker and consultant. With her extensive experience in discussing personal and sensitive topics, Dr. Jenn MD is able to break down seemingly complex financial concepts into actionable items. As founder of, she is able to share her expertise and personality with physicians and other high income professionals who are striving to become Financially Fit. This success led to publication of her #1 Amazon best-selling book, Financially Fit Physicians: 10 Steps to Financial Freedom.

Dr. Jenn MD shares her financial wisdom on:


Dr. Jenn MD's work has been featured in USA Weekly, ThriveGlobal, Wonolo, and numerous blogs and podcasts.

Introduction- Changing your money mentality

Module   1 The Power of Money

Module  2 Strategies to help you Get OUT of debt

Module  3 Insurance-What you actually need and Why

Module  4 Retirement 101- How to retire comfortably

Module  5 How to pay off student loans

Module  6 How to pay for college

Module  7 How to legally KEEP your money- Taxes 101

Module  8 Legacy Money- How to pass on Generational Wealth

Module  9 Wills, trusts, estates- What YOU need to know

Module 10 Financial Freedom

You can't lose because I have a...

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